Past Runners


Treva Foss

TrevaTreva Foss is an instructor of music at Concordia College. As a teacher and performer, she works to encourage participation and support of the arts. Treva is an avid marathoner, having completed 14 marathons in the last four years and is a member of Marathon Maniacs. Treva is looking forward to joining Team Chapel -Arts for a worthy cause!

George Heath

GeorgeHeathGeorge Heath has been with Village Lutheran Church and The Chapel School for twelve years. He serves as the cantor for the church, and music teacher for grades 3-8 for The Chapel School. He is also the parent of two Chapel School students. Running has become one of his favorite hobbies and is very pleased to be able to support such a worthy cause.

Heidi von Maur

HeidiVonMaurHeidi von Maur has been a Chapel School parent since 2006. She and her husband, Jack, are the proud parents of 7th grader, JV, and 4th grader, Gus. An avid runner, Heidi has run multiple half marathons and has completed several endurance obstacle races such as Tough Mudders and Spartan Races. She encourages her children to accompany her on running races and enjoys running alongside with them. Heidi's background is in the fine and decorative arts, so she is particularly happy to be part of Team Chapel – Arts.

Jennifer Ralph's

JenniferRalphThis is Jennifer Ralph's first-year as a Chapel School parent. She and her husband, Greg, have two children attending Chapel: Alana (2nd Grade) and Julia (kindergarten). Jennifer has run several half marathons over the past few years. She is very excited to be part of Team Chapel and to run in the NYC half-marathon. During the day, Jennifer is the Director of HR, Family Office for Ziff Brothers Investments, LLC based in midtown Manhattan and a mom all of the time. She enjoys running, cooking and spending time with her family.

Chris Gleason

GleasonChris Gleason is the proud parent of two current Chapel School students. He and his wife, Sarah, have both served on the Board of Trustees and have been members of the VLC since moving to Westchester in 2002. Supporting the arts is near and dear to the Gleason family. Sarah is a middle school choir director, and Chris's first career was that of an actor. It now thrills them both to watch their sons participate in the excellent music, art, and theatre programs of The Chapel School. Chris is excited (and a little anxious) to run his very first half-marathon and honored to do so for Team Chapel-Arts.

Anderson Kenny

AndersonKennyAnderson Kenny has been a Chapel School parent since 2011. He and his wife, Chandler, have two children attending The Chapel School: Harper (2nd Grade) and Lanford (1st Grade). Anderson ran several half marathons and a full marathon in the early 2000's. One of Anderson's personal goals has been to participate in the New York half marathon. Anderson is an architect and painter working in Manhattan.