Meet The Team

Juliano Passi

JulianoPassiJuliano Passi is 39 years old and from Brazil. He married to the wonderful Juliana and is the happy father of two little girls, JP (7 y.o.), and GP (5 y.o.). JP attends 2nd grade at The Chapel School and GP is as Kindergartner at Waverly Schools. Besides being a husband and Dad, which requires a lot of energy, he works for his family business in Brazil which is divided into two markets (1. glass supplier for the construction and architectural markets, and 2. Real Estate Industry). This will be his first half marathon ever (my longest race was a 10k). However, he has been involved with sports since he was a teenager... his major sport was Roller Hockey and he played Michigan State University during college. He also had the privilege to be part of the 2004 Brazilian National Team. "I’m very excited to start getting involved with the VLC and TCS community, and I’m glad to be part of the Team Chapel as I test myself on my first half marathon event."